Aug.5 to Nov.5Kanazawa

Jugen Lehl The End of Civilization

@ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

About Event

Designer Jurgen Lehl lived closely with nature and continually reminded people of its precious value. As his “last work,” Lehl chose to address serious environmental problems, and he created beautiful lamps using the plastic garbage washed up on beaches. Plastic, which does not decompose, attained a splendorous new utility in Lehl’s hands. Jurgen Lehl, who died suddenly in 2014, showed us what it means to live with respect for nature.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Facilities / Organizations information

Adress 1-2-1 Hirosaka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan 920-8509
Access From Komatsu Airport
About 40 min by Airport Limousine bus. Get off at Kanazawa Station west gate (terminal). Transfer to local-line Bus.From JR Kanazawa Station
― Bus
HOKUTETSU Local-line Bus (Local Bus):
Take buses from bus terminal 3,6 at East Exit. Get off at “Hirosaka·21st Century Museum”. Walk 1 min. Take buses from bus terminal 8–10 at East Exit. Get off at “Korinbo (ATRIO-mae)”. Walk 5 min. (10-min ride)
Take buses from bus terminal 7 at East Exit. Get off at “Hirosaka·21st Century Museum (Ishiura Jinja-mae)” (20-min ride). Walk 1 min.― Bus services limited to weekends and holidays
Machibus :
Take buses from bus terminal 5 at East Exit. Get off at “Kanazawa 21-Seiki Bijutsukan / Kenrokuen (Mayumizaka-guchi)” (20-min ride). Walk 1 min.
Take buses departing from bus terminal 6 at East Exit. Get off at “Hirosaka·21st Century Museum (Shiinokigeihinkan-mae)” (20-min ride). Walk 1 min.
― Taxi
Take taxi from East Exit taxi stand (10-min ride).
Note: For detailed information on transportation to and around Kanazawa City, please see the Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide website [].
休日/臨休日 月曜(ただし8月14日、9月18日、10月9日、10月30日は開場)、9月19日(火)、10月10日(火)
Admission fee 一般1,000円(800円)、大学生800円(600円)、小中高生400円(300円)、65歳以上の方=800円 ※( )内は団体料金(20名以上)及び前売りチケット料金
Times 10:00〜18:00(金・土曜は20:00まで)
Tel 076-220-2800

The Essence

A museum mainly focused on contemporary art founded in 2004. Located in the central area of Kanazawa City, this circular shaped museum with glass walls welcomes people to enter the building casually from any of its entrances. In addition to holding exhibitions of contemporary art, pieces of art are installed permanently inside the museum and on its grounds for visitors to enjoy at any time.

Brief history

A contemporary art museum founded in Hirosaka, Kanazawa in 2004. Began collecting works from 2000 and currently possesses a collection of some 3,900 works and materials. Numerous kogei (craft) works are included among them, primarily by artists associated with Kanazawa, but also from other areas of Japan and abroad.

Event history for Kogei

“Art Crafting towards the Future” (2012, traveled to Museum of Arts and Design, New York in 2015). “The Boundary between Design and Kogei” (2016)